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Learning to play guitar chords on their own, without learning the theory behind them and how they fit into the musical scales may seem like enough for some people, but if your goal is to eventually play lead guitar, then understanding basic chord theory and how certain groups of chords fit into a particular music scale, can take you a long way towards achieving lead guitarist status.

So, welcome aboard – lead guitar lessons

“Three chord wonder” used to describe certain guitarists. Usually this is used to describe a guitar player that only bothered to learn three chords on the guitar and has taken to playing every song with them.

These chords are usually C, F and G, or sometimes the guitar chords A, D and E are used. These are easy beginner guitar chords, also known as open chords, so named because they are played near the nut of the guitar.

These chords on their own may be enough to play some very basic songs, of which there is definitely no shortage, but for the serious guitar enthusiast, a lot more is needed.

If you want to learn guitar – or to be more precise to learn lead guitar – it’s important to understand how chord progressions are put together, which chords fit into which scale, how to play barre chords and which notes make up the chords.

The great thing about the guitar is that it’s very much a visual instrument. When you’ve begun to master barre chords, and learned to create certain chord progressions by using them, you will start to see definite patterns develop on the fretboard. Certain guitar scale patterns begin to become obvious partners to certain chords, and before long, understanding which notes to play for each chord within a given key becomes second nature.

The western music system is based on the C major scale. Every note in this music system is named after a note in the C major scale. While there are other scales to learn. They are mostly derivatives of the major scale, with either an extra note added or taken away for different effect. The two most important guitar scales to learn are the major scale and the minor scale. These two scales is that the minor scale has the same notes as the major scale, the only difference being that they start at a different note. On the guitar this has the added advantage that one only needs to learn the major scale patterns, and the rest is pretty much sorted.

For more information about free guitar music lessons – read and watch the quoted materials.

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