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When we are taught guitar scales on the internet or off, what we are in fact doing is learning to play the various individual notes on the guitar. When playing guitar scales one note is played at one time, unlike when you press on several different strings and together.

A scale is made up of eight notes which together are called an octave plus the 9th note which is the same as the first but one octave higher. You may have heard these sung as doh-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doh. This is known as a major scale. You will also learn chromatic scales which are a little different.

The best way to practice guitar scales is to do a little each day. For example you could start your practice or learning session with a couple of scales to get your fingers warmed up. Then move on to chords and songs.

Learning how to read guitar music online is great because you have your teacher there with you all of the time. You can follow along with all of the exercises and you will hear when you have it right or wrong comparing to the online recording. Some sites have ‘jam sessions’ that you can download and play along with. A good online course in how to play guitar will include major and chromatic scales.

Guitar scales are useful for all guitarists but if you plan to learn classical acoustic guitar, they are even more important. You will find that, at first, it takes some getting used to. Finding each note and moving from one to the next can be slow and awkward when you are new to it.

The good news is that with more familiarity, this will soon be easier. You will begin to know without thinking where the notes are and your fingers will grow more flexible and used to the fret bar. So it does not matter if you often making mistakes at first. Just a little time on your scales each day and you will soon make progress. Speed this up by signing up for our free guitar lessons, allow yourself time to develop this awesome new skill, and keep on playing guitar scales!

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