Erotic black and white photography, to be successful, must spark the imagination. Erotic photographs do this by hiding and revealing, by hinting and suggesting, yet never revealing all.

Tasteful lighting that accentuates sexy curves and smooth, luminous skin gets the imagination working much more successfully than blatant, full-frontal nudity as typified by pornographic photographs.

In many cases the model’s face isn’t visible, as in the poster below titled Stockings. Here we don’t even see the model’s head or breasts, yet she’s very obviously naked except for the thigh-high silk stockings. The placement of the hands, on her buttock and upper thigh, cleverly work to draw the eye towards the focal point of the photograph.

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In Black and White Nude, below, the model reveals less than if she was wearing sexy underwear or a bikini, but skillful lighting and her pose, with hands covering the breasts and head thrown back, combine to produce an evocative image that’s strongly erotic.

Black and White Nude
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The photograph titled simply Chair, below, is similarly erotic as a result of the contrasty lighting that reveals and hides at the same time.


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Although the model’s breasts are exposed, you only see a hint of one nipple, while half her face is in shadow, adding to the mystery — is her look welcoming or disdainful? Although her legs are spread wide and the positioning of the arms and hands draws the eye downwards, the strategic placement of her hands on the chair means nothing at all is revealed and her privacy remains intact.

The work titled Le Reveil below of a naked woman lying partially on her side, with her head hidden in the pillow, is another example of using lighting and contrast in textures to create an erotic black and white photograph. The metal bars at the head of the bed are cold and hard, in contrast to the gentle folds in the sheets and the curves of the woman’s body, accentuated by the unusual angle of the lighting.

Le Reveil

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These four examples of erotic black and white photography prove that you don’t need bright colors or ultra revealing poses to create sexy images — clever lighting, subtle use of props and imaginative posing can combine to produce images that are both erotic and tasteful. See Erotic Black and White Photography for more examples.

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