When considering what paintings or photographs to hang in your home, always remember that it’s your home and you have to live with your selection. So choose only pictures that you like.

When it comes to art many people are concerned about what others may think — they don’t want to be judged as having poor taste. As a result, they’re too easily influenced by fashions and trends rather than relying on their own judgment.

So, although it may be common sense, many ignore this most basic rule — only hang pictures that appeal to you.

Some people buy arwork because other people told them so, or because they saw others buying similar pieces. If you find a painting or photograph that moves you in some way, then buy it. You don’t have to wait for the approval of others in making this choice.

We all have different tastes and preferences and there’s no sense in living with a picture that you don’t enjoy. Click below to read about the most common types of pictures people hang in their homes.

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