Do you know that the Canon EOS 60D is the most awesome DSLR for the Price! Why is this? I will tell you, and give you the Canon 60d price with a cool price compression.

First off would you like to buy a digital camera, or get a good education at a college or university? You could probably become a lawyer or a doctor, or put a big down payment on a house for the price of the H4D-60 Hasselblad. This camera is about or above $40,000. This is not a full frame camera. Do you want a 60 mega-pixel? That is what it offers. The Canon 60d price is a long way from $43,000.

With the new true focus technology Hasselblad is in a high-tech category of its own.

Since the introduction of the digital age, how much has the basics of photography changed? Not really, but a lot of new cameras have the tendency to make photography more about the camera and less about the end result. The Canon 60d price is low, but delivers an amazing rend result.

End result is not always equal to dollar value. But if you are smart you will get great value for your dollar, which has the same quality end result. I do most of my best work in camera, using my knowledge of photography, not necessarily using all the technology bells and whistles, and fancy post-production software. I’ve seen some of the best shots done on the cheapest cameras. Photography is great when the photographer has a good eye, which means he is living in the moment and capturing the moment. Another important thing is the actually lens you are using.

In truth if you put a cheap glass in front of the Hasselblad 60 mega-pixel sensor you will probably produce a bad image. Using cheap lenses on big sensor cameras will only show the defects on the glass more.

It does not matter what camera you use if you are setting yourself up to take a bad shot.

Do not buy an expensive body, and then cheap out and get a bad lens. And you will be able to afford it considering the Canon 60d price. Buy Primes. They are the best lenses, because of the fixed focal length that lets in the maximum light. In the end if you used the same lens on both a high end DSLR and 60d I do not think you could see a big difference in the end result, especially on Vimeo.

The Canon 60d price is unbeatable. So here is the price difference (Prices may very):

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III (body only) $6,999)

Get the 5d, which is a full frame camera for: $2,269.95

The APS-C sensor 7d $1,442.95, another great deal.

The Canon 60d price, with APS-C sensor size, is $999.95, is the best deal out there in my opinion.

The APS-C sensor size is very similar to Super 35mm film movie frame size, so it has the same depth of field, to get that film look. Image quality between a full frame and the APS-C sensor is close to the same. People shoot with both, and the integration is seamless. Another important thing is to always buy the full frame lenses even if you are using it on the 60d. Why? So you can interchange them, or when you upgrade later to a full frame camera.

The 60d is better for shooting video. Why? It has a flip out LCD monitor, makes low and high angles a breeze to shoot. The 60d also uses the same sensor as the 7d but is 500 dollars less Can the Canon 60d price be beat? No. Want to get more info here Canon 60d Review?

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