Games such as the Guitar Hero series have inspired lots of people to learn to play the guitar correctly, in addition to providing hours of fun. Music themed video games have become very common.

The world of gaming eagerly anticipates the release of the Battle of the Bands game for the Wii system. The game is suitable for one player or multi players. The game is to be published by THQ, sometime in 2008, and it has been formulated by Planet Moon Studios. Practice makes just right and it may prove addictive! It doesn’t demand any musical knowledge and players of any standard will enjoy it.

A song in a certain genre is played for a brief time period and changes from one style to another. The concept behind the game is for different genres of music to battle it out for supremacy. Battle of the Bands contains 30 songs played in five cover versions of distinct styles. The players must do their best to move the remote in time to the notes. As a result, the total is 150 songs.

Players compete against each other, following the notes that appear on the screen. The successful player’s music will be the loudest, drowning out the rest. The player that plays the best will score more points, resulting in their chosen genre being played more.

There are three extra tracks with an orchestral backing. Anyone familiar with Guitar Hero will also enjoy this game. Different features of the game have been added to make it more thrilling. Players want to ruin it for the opposition and there are ‘weapons’, such as land mines and smoke bombs. The genres contained within Battle of the Bands are Rock, Country and Western, Funk/Hip-Hop, Marching Band and Latin.

Gamers can also diminish notes or change them around. Wii will benefit from this intelligent game in the music themed sector, aimed at teenagers and young people. It takes a similar idea and adds a competitive edge with some fun obstacles thrown in.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s big hit, that’s the Way (I Like It) is also incorporated. The 30 songs chosen for the game represent distinct styles of music and artists. There are old and newer acts, the most famous being The Ramones and their track, Blitzkrieg Bop. Other tracks include Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz, Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill and Master Exploder by Tenacious D. The Battle of the Bands is an established part of the MTV scene and it will shortly be part of the gaming fraternity.

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